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Photos | Never too old to protest

February 2, 2016

Our lolos and lolas, the senior citizen pensioners of the Social Security System, are up in arms, demanding a P2,000 pension hike that the President vetoed. Photos taken by photojournalist Jo A. Santos during the gathering of pensioners and their supporters to assert #SSSPensionHikeNow

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They gathered in front of the stage, hundreds of them, as leaders of senior citizens’ groups and workers’ groups spoke. The message was clear: they, the pensioners, who paid contributions for decades, would not take President Aquino’s veto of the P2,000 pension hike sitting down. Days before Congress ends its session on February 3, our elders and their loved ones are determined to knock on the doors of their congresspeople and demand what is only just.

Photojournalist Jo A. Santos took these photos of the gathering at Quezon City Memorial Circle last Sunday, January 30.