Further Questions to Aquino Before His Speech Today

January 28, 2015

PW-jose-maria-sison-pork-barrel-interview-featuredSa gitna ng kontrobersiya¬†ukol sa madugong engkuwentro ng Moro Islamic Liberation Front at Special Action Force ng Philippine National Police sa Mamasapano, Maguindanao noong Enero 25, naghapag ng mahahalagang katanungan si Prop. Jose Maria Sison, tagapangulo ng International League of Peoples’ Struggle, ilang oras bago ang pahayag ni Pangulong Aquino sa telebisyon¬†mamayang gabi.

1. Shall you lie and deny that you approved the Mamasapano operation by arguing that there was no need for your approval because of standing warrants of arrest for Marwan and Basit?

2. Shall you lie and deny that you authorized the suspended PNP chief Purisima to carry out the entire project leading to the aforesaid operation and to direct the SAF for the purpose?

3, Shall you lie and deny that you authorized Executive Secretary Ochoa to provide everything that Purisima needed for the project and to keep other pertinent officials out of the loop?

4. Shall you lie and deny that you, together with Ochoa and Purisima, received orders from US officials who told you that their operatives had once more succeeded since sometime ago to give Marwan and his aides communications gadgets with embedded microchips to surveil them and gain real-time intelligence on their location?

5. Shall you lie and deny that you, together with Ochoa and Purisima, are responsible for treacherously and criminally deploying 392 SAF personnel in an area where you are required by ceasefire agreement to priorly consult and coordinate with the MILF regarding the deployment of your armed personnel in MILF territory?

6. Do you really think that you could sneak in such a large force without being detected long before they could reach any specific target? Don’t you know that dogs can wake up and bark even at 2 a.m. to alert the MILF?

7. Were you not being overeager to reap international publicity by posting yourself in a Zamboanga location with your American handlers?

8. Together with your accomplices, are you not criminally liable for putting into a death trap your own armed personnel in SAF?