Heartland Stories after Yolanda

November 19, 2013

A destroyed school building in Panay.

A destroyed school building in Panay.

In the heartland of Panay Island, within the ancestral domain of the indigenous people who call themselves, ‘Tumandok’. Photos taken after the typhoon Yolanda made its last landfall in Panay Island.

Their homes, daycare centers, schools, community centers – lay in ruins. Their coffee trees and their banana trees, sources of much-needed cash in between rice harvests, will take two years to recover.

They only have themselves and their organizations to depend on, as always. And did what must be done: rebuild.

Multimedia by PAMANGGAS (KMP-Panay), TUMANDUK (Indigenous People Defending Land and Life) OFFERS-Panay (Organic Farming Field Experimental and Resource Station-Panay). Photos were taken by PAMANGGAS organizers and taken in Barangays Aglinab, Katipunan and Lahug in Tapaz, Capiz.

For people in Iloilo-Panay area, here is information on how to help: