NEGOSYO | A Video-Documentary on #MillionPeopleMarch

August 29, 2013

PW-negosyo-jl-burgos-thumbFilmmaker JL Burgos shot and edited this short video documentary on the #MillionPeopleMarch against pork barrel last August 26, for Red Ants Productions and in cooperation with PinoyMedia Center.

As the title suggests, pork barrel — or the lump-sum, discretionary allocations to legislators, executive officials and the President — is indeed one glaring example of how government positions in the current political system are treated as “negosyo” or business ventures. Through the pork barrel system, local and national positions become opportunities of members of the ruling classes to accumulate wealth and engage in patronage politics to remain in power. The system’s perpetuation becomes even more possible with the patronage of local and foreign big businesses whose interests the ruling politicians protect in the different branches of government.

Some might call this plain, ole’ greed. Activists call this “bureaucrat-capitalism”. Either way, it is a scourge for the overwhelming majority of the Filipino working people.