On the turnover of the ‘source code’ to Comelec

May 10, 2013

How sure are we now that the claimed “source code” is the same one loaded in 70,000 plus PCOS machines that have been deployed all over the Philippines with several already tested for FTS? It will need opening up all PCOS units and running the hash code – a humongous task that only a “superman” will be able to do before election.

Brillantes is just making the legal motions of complying with Sec. 14 of RA 9369 – compelled as he was after AES Watch individual members and other eminent voters filed a Petition against Comelec through the GPH with the UN Human Rights Committee on May 3; and on the same day, reelectionist Sen. Gordon filed a mandamus against Comelec before the SC on the source code issue.

We have demanded from Mr. Brillantes to reveal the terms and conditions that defined the negotiation with Dominion (brokered by the Comelec chairman himself), like, how much in taxpayers’ money was paid yet again? More importantly, is this move in effect paving the way for the Dominion to be the dominant player in the 2016 automated elections (Smartmatic phasing out because of its bungling)? Smartmatic’s Cesar Flores had revealed in a recent JCOC hearing that Dominion wanted to take over the Philippine market in election automation.

 Prof. Bobby Tuazon
UP Manila professor
AES Watch co-convenor